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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's get ready to Pedal ya Salty Pirates! 


What Should I Bring? Government-issued ID: every rider must bring a valid form of identification prior to present at check-in. Signed Waiver: all riders must complete a Liability Waiver! Check your email for the link! Comfortable Pedaling Shoes & Clothes; we have storage space available for extra layers, like jackets. Food and hydrating drinks: please be mindful we are a pedaling megacycle! We encourage customers to stay hydrated. Handheld snacks are best to munch on! Please: no glass! Cooler with ice and plastic cups! Cash: while not mandatory, cash is easier to deal with at stops! Music/playlists: also not required, but we do let you choose your own music while pedaling, so fun playlists are encouraged! The Land Ship has the capability for an auxiliary or USB hook up; we provide the speakers and cords. Please be mindful that we operate within residential neighborhoods, so music volume is controlled by the captain! Decorations: also not required, but festive decorations and themed Land Ships are certainly encouraged as long as they’re not offensive, inappropriate, or political.

What is Provided? A Sober Land Ship Captain. Optional Helmets and Seatbelts. Storage Space for personal items. Sound System with Bluetooth and USB adaptability. An abundance of places (some with special discounts) and landmarks we can visit!

Can I Bring Alcohol? Per Florida and Panama City 3181 Megacycle Ordinance, consumption of alcohol is permissible while on the commercial megacycle as a passenger! We ask that you be mindful of the quantity you bring onboard, as we have limited space and the ride is 2-hours. Cheers! Please bring your own coolers, ice, and cups! No glass containers allowed! Minors are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages on the Megacycle. On select days/times, downtown Panama City does allow open containers as part of their Social District Ordinance. Please check with your Captain for all details.

What About Music? We do have a sound system with Bluetooth/USB adaptability available for customers to use! Public cruises may need to share DJ control or take requests so all can enjoy the tunes!

Ride Day Details! The Bookee, the person who submitted the reservation, will receive an automated email with specific instructions in regards to meeting time/location, our Alcohol Policy, and Liability Waiver Forms. It is the bookee’s responsibility to relay all information to the rest of the party. We recommend arriving 20 minutes before your scheduled launch time. All rides are 2-hours, regardless if riders arrive late! Please plan ahead for traffic and parking.

Where Can I Park? Downtown Location: our meeting location is 111 Beach Drive, Panama City FL 32401, which is Bayside Brewhouse! We meet outside in the front of the building right at the Land Ship. Free parking is available in their parking lot, along Beach Drive & surrounding streets. Public parking at Destination Panama City is also available! Saint Andrew’s Location: our meeting location is 1134 Bay Avenue, Panama City, FL 32401, which is The Panama City Publishing Company Museum. We meet outside in front of the building right at the Land Ship. Free parking is available in their parking lot, along Bay Ave & surrounding streets.

Are there Bathrooms? We do not have bathroom facilities on the Land Ship, however, we visit a variety of places during the cruise that do have bathrooms for our customers! Please be mindful that you may need to wait a bit until we can reach an establishment to accommodate your needs. We recommend using the facilities before you arrive to check in for your ride.

Pick Up/Drop Off Location? Unless discussed prior to making a reservation, the Pick Up and Ending Location cannot be changed! We have designated areas in which the Megacycle is allowed to travel, so sometimes requests cannot be accommodated due to locations being outside of our legislated zones. Please call to suggest a change and we will do our best to accommodate!

Can I Pick Specific Stops? Please contact us so we can coordinate and make sure that we are able to accommodate your requests. Depending on time and date, each cruise may have a predetermined route. If given enough prior notice, we will try to accommodate any variations to the route; however, the Captain does reserve the right to deny suggestions the day of the cruise. Additional charges may apply depending on the request!

Final Helpful Tips! Arrive 20 minutes early from the scheduled departure time. Dress comfortably for the weather. Expect to pedal! We are a pedaling Land Ship after all! Ask your Captain for their recommendations to visit. Call us with any questions, we are here to help and make your experience the best it can be!

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