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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything to know before making a reservation


What is a Megacycle? A Megacycle, aka the 'Land Ship' is a multi-passenger pedaling megacycle that takes you on 2-hour rides around Downtown Panama City and Saint Andrew’s! You can customize your experience, or hop on a public ride and let us steer the way while you make new friends! Imagine a slow-moving bicycle, trolley, bus and golf cart rolled into one awesome contraption! That’s the Land Ship! It’s the perfect way to gather together to celebrate birthdays, corporate outings, family reunions, see the city, or just because! Not all Land Ships are alike! In fact, they vary quite a bit in appearance and capabilities. Please keep in mind that just because you may have pedaled with another company in another city, it doesn’t mean our megacycle is the same as theirs! Even our own megacycles are different designs from each other!

When Can I Ride? Panama Pedal Tours operate year-round, 7 days/week. Our launching times fluctuate between 6am-10pm depending on the season, neighborhood, and day of the week. Custom time-slots may be available upon request. Please call us if you do not see what you’re looking for on the calendar!

When Should I Book? We take full payment at time of booking to hold all reservations. We do not accept cash payments on site. We recommend booking 1-2 weeks in advance if looking for a private cruise on a specific day. We do get busy during tourist season, so if you have a large group, it’s best to plan ahead. We may be able to accommodate last minute bookings, however these are most likely individual seats and only available for select time-slots on existing reservations. We usually need at least a 24-hour advance notice to line up a driver for new requests!

Is Pedaling Required? Our Land Ships are pedal-powered, so please expect to be pedaling during your ride unless you are sitting in one of the seats that doesn’t require pedaling. There are two bicycle-seats above the back wheel wells, and a back bench that can fit up to 2 people; the remaining 10 seats are all pedal seats! 14 passenger seats in all! If the Land Ship has a full group of eager pedalers, then propelling it via pure pedal power is easy. If the vehicle has fewer pedalers or a group that isn’t willing to pedal, then we will climb some of the inclines around the city slowly. If you bring comfortable shoes and a good attitude, then you should have no problem pedaling! If your group is still worried about being able to pedal, we do have an electric-assist to help with the hills, but these must be requested prior to booking. Let us know before you book if you would like a Megacycle with an electric-assist, and we will do our best to accommodate. Despite having an electric assist, pedaling WILL be required at times!

How Many Can Ride? Our Land Ship can accommodate up to 14 passengers, plus a Captain provided by Panama Pedal Tours. There are 6 bicycle-style seats available on each side, and a back bench that can fit up to 2 people. Please be mindful that the bench space is limited, therefore for larger individuals, the amount of bench riders may decrease. Bicycle seats are adjustable for height and can fit up to 250lbs.

Public vs. Private Rides? We have both private and public rides available for reservation at our Downtown Location. Saint Andrew's is Private Only. Private Cruises: If you’d like to reserve the entire Land Ship, please book a private cruise. If you have more than 14 people, please give us a call to discuss additional options! Public Cruises: If you’d like to reserve individual seats on a Land Ship, please book seats on a public cruise. For public cruises, there must be at least 4-6 riders in order for the cruise to launch.

Age or Weight Restriction? We want everyone to be able to ride the Land Ship! However we do have some restrictions: Riders must be 21 or older in order to bring alcohol onto the Megacycle. Public rides may be restricted to 21+ only. If riders are under 18 years old, they must have their parents complete a liability waiver for them. Our Land Ship has 12 bicycle-style seats that can support up to 250lbs. We do have a back bench available for those who do not wish to pedal, however please be mindful that the space in finite and we are pedal-powered, so a maximum of 300lbs on the bench can be supported.

Who Drives? We always provide the sober Land Ship Captain! You can request a specific Captain if you’d like; give us a call prior to booking to see if we are able to line up a request for your group.

Liability Waivers? All Land Ship riders must complete a liability waiver before they ride. This includes minors! Just like riding bicycles, riding the Megacycle can be potentially dangerous. Optional helmets and seatbelts are available for those who would like them! If you do not agree to the Liability Waiver, you cannot ride!

Can I Pick Specific Stops? Please contact us so we can coordinate and make sure that we are able to accommodate your requests. Depending on time and date, each cruise may have a predetermined route. If given enough prior notice, we will try to accommodate any variations to the route; however, the Captain does reserve the right to deny suggestions the day of the cruise. Additional charges may apply depending on the request!

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