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Frequently Asked Questions

Weather, Cancellation, Rules, Tipping and Donation Policies


Weather Policy The Land Ship rolls rain or shine! Florida/Panhandle weather can be unpredictable, so please make sure that you dress accordingly. We have an overhead awning that extends over the seats, ponchos, and storage space for jackets, umbrellas and personal belongings. We are known for having pop up showers during the spring/summer season! If one comes along, we will have customers seek shelter inside one of our partner establishments to wait it out, until it’s safe to pedal again! Please follow the Captain’s instructions; safety is our number one priority! If the weather becomes dangerous, Panama Pedal Tours reserves the right to cancel the ride and offer a rain check. If the weather is predicted to be severe, we will be in touch by phone/text ahead of time! If you have further weather-related questions, please contact us!

Cancellation Policy If you made a reservation and need to cancel or reschedule, please let us know as soon as possible. Our cancellation policy is as follows: Within two weeks: No refund will be given unless we’re able to resell your seats. Two or more weeks: Full refund will be given. Day of Cancellation: No refunds will be given. A $50 additional cancellation fee will be added to the reservation, and a rain check will be provided. This fee covers our captains expenses. Events out of Panama Pedal Tour’s control: If we need to cancel your cruise because of events that are out of our control (i.e. protests, riots, natural disasters, etc.), you will receive a raincheck that’s good for any future cruise of the same value; not a refund. This determination is up to Panama Pedal Tours, not the customer. We will always operate with an abundance of caution in mind.

What if We Break the Rules? If your group has to be kicked off the Land Ship due to poor conduct or due to the breaking rules that are clearly listed on the Liability Waiver, a possible fee could be charged to the credit card on file. This card will be issued NO REFUND. Once kicked off, you/your group will be responsible for coordinating transportation from the point that you are ejected. What could cause a group to get kicked off the Land Ship? Infractions that result in a ride immediately ending and a subsequent fee being charged include, but are not limited to: Unboarding the Megacycle while the vehicle is in motion. Over-intoxication: this includes passing out on the bike or at an establishment, throwing up on the bike or at an establishment, falling off of the bike, not being unable to stand, etc. Determining whether or not a rider is over-intoxicated is up to the Captain’s or Manager’s discretion. All of our Captains are trained in dealing with drunk customers and are instructed to use their best judgment. Panama Pedal Tours does not tolerate over-intoxication. Intoxication at arrival prior to cruise start. Fake ID, or knowledge of fake ID. Possession of illegal substances/drugs. Giving alcohol to non-passengers. Indecent exposure: this includes public urination, flashing, or mooning. Use of foul language/gestures. Littering. Tailgating on side streets, parking lots, or outside of partner establishments. Getting kicked out of partner establishments during the cruise. Megacycle abandonment. Due to safety concerns, the Captain may prematurely end a ride at their own discretion. Infractions listed above are not the only reasons we may need to end a cruise. Please keep in mind that we operate with everyone’s safety in mind.

Should We Tip? We highly recommend tipping your Captain if you had a great experience! Tips vary on the cruise, however between $5-$10/person is the average range! You can also leave a 5-star review on one of our review platforms! They receive a bonus for every 5-star review that mentions their name!

Oops! I Left Something! Panama Pedal Tours is not responsible for any items or beverages left behind after a ride is complete. Please make sure you have everything prior to leaving the vehicle and premises. We’ll do our best to track down any items, but again, cannot guarantee they will be found! Please give us a call and we can look for you.

Donation Inquiries Please send all donation requests to our main email address; Please include a description of your organization and event in which you’re fundraising for.

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